COVID-19 has created fear globally with nearly 2,00,000 Coronavirus Cases and more than 7,000 deaths by now affecting 162 countries and territories around the world. It has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease and efforts to quarantine it. There have been widespread reports of supply shortages of pharmaceuticals and manufactured goods due to factory disruption in China, with certain localities (such as Italy and Hong Kong) and container shipment issues from Asian subcontinent created panic buying and consequent shortages of food and other essential grocery items. The technology industry, in particular, has been warning about delays to shipments of electronic goods.

Overreact of consumer is giving opportunity to supplier and traders to black market. Consumers are struggling for daily need goods.  Price increased up to double just because of phobia and rumors created by public and media. “Business is struggling. Its hard for our own survival from business, how can we make survive others” Melbourne based restaurant owner mentioned. He also mentioned prices of grocery has gone up , we cannot increase prices because most of customer will be unhappy knowing the real circumstances also. Melbourne based grocery owner mentioned his own story telling ” suppliers are asking upfront payment with a delivery schedule in a week because of high demand  created by coronavirus phobia which never used to happen before”. Rumors also says that it is virus created for economical revolution for which several peoples has to sacrifice their lives. Australia is out of toilet papers, sanitiser, normal tablets and shoppers have to return with empty bag most of time or have to pay much more i.e. AUD $6 for a toilet roll if you are lucky enough to get.

Important Update: If any grocery store of Melbourne and Tasmania charge extra for the groceries because of Coronavirus, you can file a complaint to consumer affairs VIC and TAS by calling on 1300558181

Coronavirus Update

A crew of Australian researchers say they’ve observed a cure for the novel coronavirus and hope to have patients enrolled in a nationwide trial with the aid of the cease of the month.

University of queensland centre for scientific research director professor david paterson advised they have got visible two tablets used to deal with other conditions wipe out the virus in test tubes. He said one of the medications, given to a number of the first people to check fantastic for covid-19 in Australia, had already led to “disappearance of the virus” and entire recuperation from the infection.

 HIV drug & anti-malaria drug called chloroquine are drugs that has been tasted for cure of deadly coronavirus. Same kind of medication was used by few researcher in India and found to cure of virus.