33 Years Uber Driver died from coronavirus after woman ‘repeatedly coughed’ in his cab

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Ayub Akhtar,33 Years Uber Driver died from coronavirus after woman ‘repeatedly coughed’ in his cab during his Uber service. Ayub was resident of Norwood in south London.

Ayub brother Yasser mentioned that he heard his brother painful coughing and struggle for breathing from his bedroom during night time. He was kept in intensive care from where he wrote message to his family to pray for him recovery.

Yasser said that when his brother’s breathing worsened, they called for an ambulance.

Ayub was at first admitted to the Mayday Hospital in Croydon and transferred to St. George’s Hospital, Tooting.

In a text message sent to his family from his bed in intensive care, Ayub wrote: “I am really scared… pray for me.”

Days later, he passed away.

His family could not be by his side in hospital.

Yasser said: “We were not able to see him. But we knew it was bad because if we texted him, it took a day before he responded.

“He said he was scared because the doctors were asking him to try and breathe with his lungs and he couldn’t.

“It has all happened so quick. It destroyed him.”

Yasser added: “This is such a difficult time.

“We haven’t been allowed to see him and don’t know when we can have the funeral.

“In our religion, we prefer burials to be done within a day or two.”

Latest figures from Publish Health England show there are now 14,355 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in London – an increase of 977 on to Tuesday’s update.

News Source: Dailymail

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