7 Amazing Tips To Shave Your Beard During Lockdown

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Tired of carrying the rugged look? Get rid of your beard at home with these shaving tips


7 Amazing Tips To Shave Beard At Home During Lockdown

Here are seven tips to trim or shave your beard like a pro amid coronavirus lockdown:

1. First Exfoliate

Yes! It is the most important part which most men skip while shaving. We are talking about scrubbing my friend. If you haven’t got an exfoliator or scrubber then use soap and lather up well.

2. Hot Towel Wrapping

Take some warm water and dip a hand towel or flannel into it. Now after squeezing the water from the towel, wrap it around your stubble.


3. Oil Massage Is Important

Take some good oil and massage your stubble vigorously. It will help your beard area get a soothing soft touch which will in turn give you a smooth shaving.

4. Use A Face Wash

Use face wash and lather it with a brush or with your hands. Rub firmly into the stubble for around 2- 3 minutes.

Clean your razor under a running hot tap

5. Start Shaving

Always remember to keep your razor clean under a running hot tap and shave with the growth. After that again lather up and shave against the growth.

6. Cold Towel Wrap

Take some cold water into a bowl and dip your hand towel or flannel into it. After squeezing the water, wrap it over your face.

7. Finally Moisturisation

At last, take some moisturiser and use it on your face gently. Go for the last round of hot towel wrapping to get the cream deep into your skin and apply an aftershave if you feel the urge.

Hope you can get a good shave on your own with these easy tips.

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