Iphone 12 to be launched on 13th Oct 2020

Compare Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

India lifts ban on export of medicines

India has lifted the ban on the export of 24 types of drugs and its.

Nepal’s PM is bringing additional relief and economics programs

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will be addressing the nation for the second time on.

No more dumb coronavirus questions, Berlin police beg

BERLIN (Reuters) – Am I allowed to have a hairdresser or beautician come to my.

Udayapur prepares for “preventing the spread of the Novel Corona virus infection”

While whole world is suffering from COVID-19, preparations are underway to prevent the spread of.

After Corona, China is hunted by “Hantavirus”: Man dies from Hantavirus in China

Man dies from hantavirus in China: All you need to know about the virus, and how it spreads

कोरोना महामारी रोक्न नेपाल सरकारद्वारा ल्याईएको नितिको समर्थनमा इनरूवा सुनचाँदी व्यवसायी संघ

विश्वव्यापी महामारीको रूपमा फैलिएको कोरोना भाईरस (कोभिड-१९) का कारण नेपाल पनि उच्च जोखिममा रहेको हुंदा.

कुन रक्त समूहका व्यक्तिहरुले कोरोनाबाट बढी सतर्कता अपनाउनु पर्ने छ त ?

• चिनियाँ अन्वेषकहरूले वुहान र शेन्जानमा कोरोनाबाट पीडित बिरामीहरूको रक्त समूहको अध्ययन गरेको थियो
• चीनमा कोरोनाको कारण मर्ने २०७ बिरामीहरूमध्ये ८५ जनाको रक्त समूह-ए र ५२ जनाको रक्त समूह-ओ थियो

Nirbhaya Rape case finally ended with death penalty

The justice of Nirbhaya case finally got justice after 7 years, 3 months and 4.

Corona-Tragedy: Temporary hospital with 40 beds constructed in 72 hours

(Nepali Sanchar) A temporary hospital, with 40 beds has been constructed in 72 hours at.