Coronavirus may never go away: WHO

Geneva (AFP) – The new coronavirus may never go away and populations around the world.

World Vision International Nepal provides Rs 615,000 equipment to fight with COVID-19 in Udayapur

World Vision International Nepal has donated Rs 6,15,00 equipment to different local organizations like District.

No age limitation for Corona infected death

The rumor of death due to corona-virus became fake when 6 week old newly born.

7 Amazing Tips To Shave Your Beard During Lockdown

Tired of carrying the rugged look? Get rid of your beard at home with these.

Chirata (Swertia Chirata) Benefits and Side Effects

In Sanskrit, the scientific name of Chiratya mentioned by the name of Kirattikatta or Bhunimb.

Corona-Tragedy: Temporary hospital with 40 beds constructed in 72 hours

(Nepali Sanchar) A temporary hospital, with 40 beds has been constructed in 72 hours at.

State Of Emergency Declared In Victoria Over COVID-19

A State of Emergency has been declared in Victoria to combat COVID-19 and help to.

Victoria reaches to total 36 Coronavirus patients

Coronavirus cases top 125,000 globally

Saving More Lives Means Modernizing Addiction Treatment

At the height of America’s addiction crisis, it’s time to implement new modalities that will heal our communities and save more lives.

The Comic You Need To See If You’re Dealing With Depression

Depression can be debilitating, but it’s often something many people try to hide. A forced.