Nepalese death toll reaches 5 in the USA

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Four Nepalese have died in New York from the Corona virus (Covid-49) . Four Nepalese living in a New York City outbreak of the Corona pandemic died Saturday due to Corona infection.

The deceased have been identified as 40-years-old Sonam Lama, 49-years-old Thokme Bista, Nima Temba Sherpa and Ajayman Chuchu. They were all living in New York.

The funeral will be conducted in coordination with the families of the deceased and representatives of the local organization, said Harry Bhandari, a MLA from Maryland. But the family and relatives are less likely to attend the funeral as the police have taken their bodies.

Anil Limbu, 50-years-old ancestral home, died two weeks ago due to coronas. Along with this, the number of Nepalese deaths due to corona in the US has reached five.

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