Nirbhaya Rape case finally ended with death penalty

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The justice of Nirbhaya case finally got justice after 7 years, 3 months and 4 days. With the hanging of Nirbhaya’s culprits, this case will be closed forever. Even after this, this matter will always be remembered in future. The case began on the night of 16 December 2012, when Nirbhaya was returning with her friend at the Select City Mall in Saket after watching the movie ‘Life of Pi’. To get home, he took an auto around 8 pm. But they had no idea of ​​the terrible moment that awaited them.

Nirbhaya’s friend had made up his mind to go straight home by auto but the auto one was not ready. Because of this, he got down from Munirka by auto at around 8:30 pm. At that time a white colored bus was already standing there. One of these boys was repeatedly asking where to go. He called Nirbhaya as Didi. He told these two to go to Palam village. After this both of them sat on the bus. Already six people including this boy were present in it. Others were seated in different seats like a ride. Both of them had no idea what would happen to them next.

Nirbhaya’s friend told a private channel that after the bus was running, he felt that something was not right. When the boy who was making a sound of going to Palam village asked for rent from these two, Nirbhaya’s friend gave him 20 rupees. After going a little further, the boy closed the bus gates. After this, the three people sitting behind came forward and did a bad job before Nirbhaya’s friend and then they started assaulting them when they got upset. These people snatched his phone from them.

When Nirbhaya came to the rescue of her friend, all these people not only assaulted her but dragged her back and raped her in turn. During this time, when Nirbhaya’s friend tried to save him, he injured him by hitting an iron rod, after which he became unconscious. It is very difficult to tie the words that started with the painful series Nirbhaya after this. Along with erasing their lust, these poor people had inserted an iron rod in Nirbhaya’s body. His body was exposed.

Nirbhaya’s friend told the private channel that when they were conscious, all of them were talking among themselves that now the girl is dead and throw it down from the bus. Their intention was to crush these two from the car. They also tried to throw the two on the road and put a car on them but they survived. The place where both were thrown was in Vasant Vihar area near Mahipalpur in South Delhi. Trains and autos were passing continuously from there. Nirbhaya’s friend appealed to him for help but no one stopped there. Finally, a bike halt seeing him and he first made a call and then a car and a PCR van came there. From there he was taken to the hospital.

By morning, this news had spread all over Delhi and after some time across the country. Everyone was demanding Nirbhaya’s life and his justice. While people took to the streets with this, Nirbhaya was fighting the battle of her life in the hospital. People were taking to the streets across the country to bring justice to Nirbhaya. Meanwhile, his condition was becoming critical due to which he was kept on ventilator.

During this time, the then Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit also went to the hospital to see him. He later told a channel that after seeing Nirbhaya’s condition, his hue turned sour. They do not have enough courage to see the victim girl again. Sonia Gandhi had to go to Safdarjung Hospital to know the condition of the victim girl. Seeing the situation worsening, the then Manmohan Singh government decided to get Nirbhaya admitted to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

Arranged to send Nirbhaya and his family there, their passports and visas were prepared and sent to him in an air ambulance. On the way to Singapore, Nirbhaya suffered a massive heart attack but somehow reached the hospital. The doctors tried their best to save him there but failed. On December 29, Nirbhaya died there at around 2.15 pm. In this entire case, a Delhi Police officer took immediate action and two days after the incident, Delhi Police had four of the six accused Ram Singh, Mukesh, Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta arrested. On 21 December 2012, the police arrested the fifth accused, a minor, from Delhi and the sixth accused Akshay Thakur from Bihar. Fast track court built. The case was heard in the fast track court of Saket. Police witnessed 80 people in this case. Meanwhile, March 11,

The court sentenced all the adult convicts to death, while one accused has been sentenced to three years in a juvenile correctional home on the basis of school certificate as a minor. After this, the High Court and then the Supreme Court also got the death sentence awarded to the convicts. Even after this, due to a lot of legal process, it took more than seven years for the case to reach its end. This incident was followed by the formation of the Usha Mehra Commission, which submitted its report on issues like security, lack of communication among responsible departments and how to overcome it.

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