Not from Corona, fear of death from hunger : Migration Worker Qatar

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Thousands of migrant laborers are imprisoned in their homes because of the lock down in Qatar. Saudi Arabian companies asked migrant laborers to stay at home first and then stopped paying them. In Kuwait, an actress has said on TV that migrants should be thrown into the desert.

Migrant laborers work in the fields of construction, cleaning, transportation, hotels, etc. A large number of these people are from Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh Philippines and other countries. These people work and live here in very poor conditions. They get more money from their countries here, that is why they come here in large numbers.

Shortage of money, finished food
The oil companies in the Persian Gulf employ large numbers of migrant workers from Asia, Africa. Usually, these workers are not treated well. The situation has worsened due to the conditions arising after the corona virus. Expatriates working in the Gulf countries are facing shortage of money and cannot even return to their homeland due to the ban on air services. Many people have even finished eating.

Mohammed al-Syed of Egypt says he is trapped in a one-room apartment in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, with seven friends and has lost his job. He says, “Nobody has even come to see us, I am not afraid of Corona, I am afraid that we will die of hunger.” Mohammad used to work in a restaurant here.

Due to the lockdown, the migrants are worried, due to the closure of the money that they used to earn and send to their homes, their families will also face financial shortage. Because how long the lockdown will last and how long it will take for normalcy after that, no one can tell.

The infection of the virus is also increasing rapidly in Saudi Arabia. In view of this, the governments of the Gulf countries have given strict orders to the people to stay at their home, but still some oil and gas companies have continued to work and migrant laborers are forced to work in them. This puts them at risk of being infected with the corona virus. There are many people who are forced to do freelance without contract.

The situation of migrant laborers around the world has certainly worsened due to the lockdown. Corona virus infection does not seem to stop because the number of infected and dying is increasing rapidly around the world. In such a situation, the weakest section will be the most affected by it. Governments around the world should support the migrants and weaker sections on humanitarian grounds in this hour of unprecedented crisis.

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