Racist behavior on street of Melbourne with video

An unknown person comes and asks to buy coffee for him. Victim refuses to buy and ask him to buy himself from Coles Express. Person in video start yelling “ Fu****g go back to your country, this is not your country“. This incident took place at Brunswick East Coles express nearly 3am in morning when staff of Spice Mix Restaurant came out of restaurant after finishing their job.

Overseas students and tourist are the main income source of Australia and it’s really frustrating to see some people being so racist which make a negative impact of country towards new comers. Racism is a significant issue and the barriers preventing people from connecting with the culture should be improved immediately.

Within a month, plenty racism behavior has been spotted in Australian major cities. The targeted victims are students, migrant, tourist and business owners from Asian Continent. In the video,  victim is being told to leave country because this is not his country and he is not Aussie. Now what an individual should do who left their country for some reason and settled in Australia. 

This type of environment will just make feel insecure and uncomfortable for new migrants. Government must take immediate and strong action for those who create racism.

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