Salman Khan’s anger for showering stones to doctor and nurses

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who is known for his hard work on social issues, has given a strong message to those who attack doctors and nurses who treat corona . He expressed surprise and said that doctors and nurses came to save your life and you threw stones at them! Salman has released a video message on Instagram for this. In this video message, Salman addresses those who are not supporting in the fight against the corona virus and are working against the rules. His anger against such people is visible in many places in the video. He says that if these doctors and policemen were not there, ‘such a few people would have taken away half the people of India’.



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Salman Khan uploaded this video message on Instagram on Wednesday evening. Earlier on Wednesday, the police and health department team went to the Nawabpura hotspot area of ​​Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Doctors and nurses were also beaten up by the mob. Seven people were injured in this attack. Police took action on these. One such case also came up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The doctors and nurses who went to screening in Indore, which became the hotspot of Corona virus, were attacked by the locals. They ran and beat doctors and nurses. They somehow escaped from there.

However, in a 9-minute and 36-second video message, Salman Khan says, ‘This is awesome! Doctors and nurses came to save your life and you threw stones at them. The one who is being detected by Corona is running away from the hospital. Where will you go to escape? If these doctors do not take the initiative and the police do not take to the streets, then because of a few people, who are on their mind that they will not have, they would have taken away half the people of India.

The actor also gave a strong message to those who are not following the lockdown and breaking the rules. He shared his own experiences at the beginning of the video and said how he is living in lockdown. He says he is living with his mother, both sisters and their children at a farm in Panvel. He said that he himself never goes out. Salman mentioned an incident that happened to him and said that when his ration was over, his close friends went for ration. And when the policemen stopped them in the middle way, they were near to go but they removed the mask from the mouth and wanted to talk. Then Salman says, ‘I told him that you did what you were denied’.

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