A Community Collaborates for Health

A community health assessment, also known as community health needs assessment, refers to a state,.

In a Health Home – Care Coordinator

Health Home care is supportive care provided in the home and may be provided by.

Emergency Surgery

Surgical emergency is a medical emergency for which immediate surgical intervention is the only way.

Transitional Care

A Health Home is not a building or a place. It is a program that.


Health care or healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment,.

Prescribing exercise help patients.

Doctors treating chronic health problems increasingly are prescribing exercise. Advocates say low-cost access to a.

Is this therapy part of a clinical trial?

Some,therapies may interfere with standard treatment or may be harmful when used with conventional treatment..

Biologically based therapies

Biologically based therapies in CAM use substances found in nature, such as herbs, foods, and vitamins.
Some examples include dietary supplements, 3 herbal products, and the use of other so-called natural but as yet scientifically unproven therapies

Specially-trained Care Coordinator

Specially-trained Care Coordinator, who helps you better understand and manage your conditions… Your Care Coordinator.

Talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor about getting your cholesterol checked if you have a family history.