Festival previews new films of all genres

Festival C. previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world.
With around 35,000 film professionals and over 4,000 international journalists coming together, it is the world’s biggest film event.

Enjoy the World’s Sounds

Toutes les voix du jazz, une webradio irrésistible! Douce comme du velours, alerte comme une.

Workshop of contemporary dance

“Dance in general is the most complex matter. It includes human body, mind and spirit.

Saints and pinups: in pictures.

We are using the images as a way of trying to continue something that used.

Catching light: your art on the theme of illuminating

Illumination appears while thought is dormant. A wonderful moment when a solution swims, unbidden, into.

Humans around the world dance to the same bea

A new study has found that songs from around the world tend to share features…

Living the theater of dreams in Sydney

Most of us work to make money – and if it happens to be by.

This week’s theatre and dance

Happystorm’s new show is part of the InOnTheAct festival which promotes risk-taking work in public.

Vaudeville to the present-day

Vaudeville reveled in variety, grouping performers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, a ventriloquist. Vaudeville reveled.

We gives children to theatre

Imagination Stage in Bethesda, double casting is not a gimmick, but rather a new way.